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  • How many cups of flour can I get from a bucket of wheat?
    -1 cup of whole kernels yields 1.5 cups of wheat flour -1 bucket of wheat contains approximately 107 cups of whole kernels which yields 162 cups of wheat flour -You can make over 50 loaves of bread from 1 bucket of wheat
  • How do I order Grandpa's Grain products?
    Click HERE to find a distributor in your area. They will inform you of drop dates, product availability and special orders.
  • How much money can I make selling Grandpa's Grain?
    This varies depending on a few factors such as quantity sold, distance traveled, etc.
  • What does a bucket of wheat cost?
    We offer a wide variety of raw commodities that vary in cost, weight and packaging. To find out pricing on our products, contact your nearest distributor or email us at
  • Why buy bulk?
    We live in an increasingly unstable world in terms of inflation, climate, war, supply chains, work force, supply & demand, and allocation of land and water. Being prepared with bulk, raw food for the "what if's" in life will protect and feed your family when it's needed. Grandpa's Grain products are stored in heavy-walled, food grade buckets with sealed, gasket lids to ensure extra long-term storage.
  • What can I do with a bucket of wheat?
    When you grind your own flour you get all the nutrients available unlike the flour purchased in stores that has the germ and bran removed. You can replace the flour used in any recipe with your own home-ground flour using our products. You will taste the difference and see the savings! See our whole wheat recipes HERE.
  • How do I use raw honey?
    Our raw honey is sold in a heavy-walled, food grade, sealed gallon buckets but overtime raw honey will crystallize in the buckets - this doesn't mean it has gone bad. Just warm some honey up in a glass mason jar placed in a pot of low simmering water and it will look and taste great!
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